Faith Baptist Church was started by Brother James Girdley. He originally lived in Pontiac, Michigan, where he attended theology school. He came to Sparta and started a mission in the gymnasium of White County Middle School, which at the time was known as White County High School.

Brother Girdley held the first meeting in January 1967. The mission got permission from the school board to hold meetings in the auditorium of West Side City School. The school could only be rented on Sunday. In order to have mid-week prayer meeting, Mr. Jim Tollison offered his garage for Wednesday night services. While meeting in the school, the mission was organized into a church and a board of trustees and other officers were named.

Brother Girdley notified the church in July 1967 that he was resigning as pastor and moving to Hammond, Indiana. Jim Tollison, who was chairman of the board of trustees, was elected by the church to fill in as pastor until they could call someone else. In August, a meeting was held to discuss a location for obtaining land on which to build a church.

In January 1968, the church voted to call Brother Jim Tollison as their permanent pastor. He was ordained in February 1968. May 18, 1968, a special business meeting was called to decide whether the church wanted to buy two acres of land from Wilfred Mills, located just off the Cookeville Road near the J.D. Randolph store. The church purchased the property for $6,000.00. The board of trustees was given the authority to borrow the money from the bank and save the money in the church treasury to start a church building.

Blueprints were drawn up in June 1968 for the new church building. In August, a $3100.00 contract was given to Sparta Planning Mill for the basement, and in September it was used to hold services. In October, three young men from Tennessee Temple College were called to come and preach once a month. They were Wayne Haston, Rick Henry and Paul Bradley. Brother Paul was also elected as song director.

In February 1969, a loan was secured to build walls and roof of the church and to complete two bathrooms. Walter Deal Construction Company won the bid for $11,779.00.

On April 13, 1969, Brother and Mrs. Paul Bradley were taken into the membership of the church on September 21, 1969; Brother Bradley was elected as Sunday School Superintendent. January 18, 1970, the congregation committed $10.00 per month for support of Brother James Ray, a missionary. An additional $20,000.00 was borrowed from the bank to pay off all debts.

Brother Jim Tollison officially resigned as pastor on November 25, 1970. Brother Paul Bradley filled in as pastor until the church could call a replacement. Brother Rick Ford was called as the new pastor in February 1971.

In September 1971, church pews and a pulpit were purchased. In October 1971, the church voted to sponsor a radio program, “Bible on the Air”, which began on the 19th of that month. Brother Paul Bradley was called as assistant pastor to a church in Ohio. A parsonage was bought from Cecil Anderson in the amount of $17,500.00.

Brother Rick Ford brought before the church the need for a Christian school. The congregation agreed and plans were made to build an addition to the church building for the school. A loan was obtained for $18,500.00 plus an additional $10,000.00. The church took on partial support of their second missionary, Brother Bill Keathley.

In February 1975, Brother Rick Ford resigned as pastor, and Brother Dave Reese filled in until July 13, 1975. A call was extended to Brother Jim LeCrone, who served until August 1977. At that time a call was extended to Brother Paul Bradley who had recently returned from the mission field in Nicaragua.

Under Brother Bradley’s leadership, the church agreed to move Faith Christian School to a new location in 1983. It was then called Volunteer Christian Academy. Brother Bradley resigned in May 1988. Brother Thomas Strong served as interim pastor until June 1988, when he became the permanent pastor. He served until January 1995 and resigned to go to Romania.

Dr. David Winget was interim pastor from January until June 1995. Brother Dennis Daniel was then pastor from June 1995 until February 2008. Brother Andy Fogle was youth pastor from June 2000 to 2008. Brother Andy Fogle was called as pastor in February 2008 until March 2012.

Dr. T. Reynolds Hall became the associate pastor July 2009 until April 2011. In March 2012, after Brother Fogle resigned, Dr. Hall became pastor and served until May 2014.

In September 2014, Brother Bill Dumpert became pastor of Faith Baptist Church after filling in as interim pastor for months. Brother Dumpert left the church in September 2015.

Brother David Bragg served as interim pastor for a few months in 2016. Brother Bragg served until Brother Curtis Guest became pastor. Brother Curtis Guest became pastor of Faith Baptist Church in May of 2016.